Orbit Logic specializes in mission planning, scheduling, and space situational awareness. Orbit Logic's operationally proven software products – Collection Planning & Analysis Workstation, STK Scheduler, SpyMeSat Mobile App, and Order Logic Web App - create better plans faster with fewer resources, more insight, and less risk.

In all of its mobile, web, desktop and onboard scheduling applications Orbit Logic provides the following capabilities for any size scheduling problem:

  • Configurable systems, constraints, and goals
  • High performance algorithms
  • Deconflicted plans
  • Map visualization and animation
  • Flexible process flows and automation

Collection Planning and Analysis Workstation »


CPAW couples high fidelity spacecraft modeling with multiple advanced scheduling algorithms and a user-friendly interface to generate optimized collection plans for one or more synthetic-aperature RADAR (SAR) or electro-optical (EO) satellites.

SpyMeSat Mobile App »


SpyMeSat™ provides real-time imaging satellite awareness, on-demand access to satellite imagery archives, and the ability to request new tasking directly from a mobile device.

Order Logic »

Order Logic

Order Logic is a web application for satellite imagery collection order management. Order Logic allows users to create and edit imagery orders, monitor imagery collection and processing status and estimate collection feasibility for single satellites or multi-satellite constellations.

STK Scheduler »

STK Scheduler

STK Scheduler™ provides flexible resource modeling, configurable constraint implementation, and task definition for any type of scheduling challenge.

UAV Planner »

UAV Planner

UAV Planner™ is an advanced planning and scheduling application that provides automated route planning and sensor tasking for unmanned aerial vehicles. UAV Planner™ allows operators, designers, and engineers to model their UAV systems and perform operational scheduling and analysis using