Collection Planning and Analysis Workstation


Collection Planning and Analysis Workstation - Better Planning, Better Results.

Maximize the quantity and value of imagery collected by your imaging satellites by integrating Orbit Logic’s Collection Planning and Analysis Workstation (CPAW) into your satellite ground control system. CPAW couples high fidelity spacecraft modeling with multiple advanced scheduling algorithms and a user-friendly interface to generate optimized collection plans for one or more synthetic-aperture RADAR (SAR) or electro-optical (EO) satellites.

CPAW collection planning is enabled by a set of models that simulate and predict the physical environment, spacecraft subsystems and target constraints. The CPAW modeling approach and architecture have been validated operationally for multiple spacecraft from multiple manufacturers. This is not just field-of-regard access determination – CPAW provides operational-fidelity scheduling and generates plans that are ready for command generation. This kind of fidelity is needed not only to operate imaging satellites, but is also useful to imagery customers trying to ensure they get the most value for their imagery budget.

Automated and Manual Planning

Multiple collection planning algorithms are provided with CPAW and compete to generate optimized plans. The algorithms generate high-fidelity plans free from spacecraft system and target collection constraint violations. CPAW provides the GUIs and map displays (CPAW can generate maps for both AGI’s Systems Tool Kit (STK)™ and Google Earth Pro™) to provide situational awareness of the planning process, and friendly GUI interfaces allow the operator to influence or adjust the algorithm-generated plans . . . or even perform manual planning from scratch. Manual plans are validated by CPAW as they are built, helping to guide the operator to a constraint-free solution. CPAW can be run in a real-time lights-out automated mode performing just-in-time planning for all satellites in any size constellation.

Constellation Planning

A single CPAW workstation can complete collection planning for multiple satellites individually or perform collaborative constellation planning for a mixed fleet of satellites with different capabilities, all working to image targets from a single unified collection deck. Tasking specifications are respected even when multiple satellites are used to complete a single area request. By using the capabilities of the constellation, areas can be completed more quickly, more efficiently, and for less cost.

Order Management and Fulfillment Tracking

CPAW also provides order deck management features to accept tasking from external systems and/or define tasking on the fly. Order fulfillment tracking ensures that large areas are efficiently collected:

Contact Scheduling and Recorder Management

CPAW can be configured to perform automated contact scheduling based on the latest spacecraft ephemeris, ground antenna locations and elevation masks, and ground station maintenance/blackout schedules. Based on the contact schedule and committed collection plans CPAW can also perform downlink planning and manage the onboard recorder using high-fidelity recorder models with configurable settings.

Enterprise Solutions

Take your planning to the next level with an integrated end-to-end Collection Planning System utilizing multiple Orbit Logic products. Create orders in the field using Sibyl and SpyMeSat mobile apps or the Collection Feasibility Tool web application; perform high fidelity collection planning through CPAW; and track the complete system through a centralized Order Logic web application. An Orbit Logic Enterprise solution can be customized for any mission operations concept and provide a clustered and scalable computing solution for improved performance. Orbit Logic's Enterprise solution distributed architecture supports collaborative planning by multiple geographically distributed organizations, and also provide a lights-out fully automated planning option.

Rapid Satellite Integration

New satellites can be added to CPAW quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours without the need for new software development. XML files define most satellite parameters, and plug-in interfaces for spacecraft agility and imaging models ensure that conforming models can be added and replaced easily. Under the NGA CRADA Orbit Logic integrated 10 new satellites into CPAW in under 4 months.

Orbit Logic CPAW solutions provide the following benefits

  • Operationally Proven Heritage – Years of operational experience for multiple high resolution imaging satellites.
  • Maximized Imagery Value - Optimized planning is one of the linchpins in a successful, and efficient, imaging system.
  • Flexible Planning – Configurable Figure-of-Merit (FOM) and multiple planning process flows supported.
  • Low Cost and Low Risk – CPAW is a COTS solution that can greatly reduce or eliminate new software development.
  • Ready for Operations quickly - A CPAW workstation for a new satellite can be configured and running in a matter of days.
  • Scalable for Performance and Multiple Satellites – For lights out automation and maximized collection planning performance Orbit Logic can provide the CPAW in a distributed clustered computing architecture.

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