SpyMeSat Mobile App


SpyMeSat provides real-time imaging satellite awareness, on-demand access to satellite imagery archives, and the ability to request new tasking directly from a mobile device. The mobile app includes the ability to preview and purchase the most recent, highest resolution commercial satellite images of any location through an easy and affordable in-app purchase process. The entire process of preview, select, purchase and delivery of archived imagery can be completed in seconds, delivering satellite imagery for any location on demand. And with “the World’s Longest Selfie Stick” new tasking feature any mobile user can now request that a satellite take their picture. Tasking status updates inform users of tasking request acceptance, imaging time, and imagery processing and delivery status.

Built on Orbit Logic's years of experience working with imaging satellites, SpyMeSat was originally targeted at consumers outside the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities, but the solution is also finding strong interest from within those communities.

People outside the aerospace industry are interested in space and satellites, but are unaware of how they can gain access to satellite imagery. Patent pending SpyMeSat breaks new ground by not only supplying information, education and awareness about imaging satellites to a wider audience, but also enabling any smart phone user to acquire archived or even new satellite imagery.

Real-Time Imaging Satellite Awareness

The public SpyMeSat app uses NORAD orbit data published online by www.celestrak.com and available public information about commercial and international imaging satellites to compute and dynamically display satellite overflights and imaging pass information. A dynamic map shows orbit tracks and the location of satellites with upcoming passes over the user-specified location. The app user can drill down to see additional details about each imaging opportunity, and the app provides a page describing each satellite for those who want to learn more. SpyMeSat works even with intermittent and limited network connectivity because all satellite pass calculations are performed on the mobile device.

In SpyMeSat the user sets their position via location services or dropping a pin. The app has settings to hide or show specific satellites and to enable or disable notifications and alerts.

On-Demand Access to Satellite Imagery Archives

SpyMeSat users have on-demand access to the most recent and highest resolution commercial satellite imagery available. Images are provided via the DigitalGlobe imagery, including their Global Base Map, USA Refresh, and First Look imagery. Prices range from $10 to $80 depending on size and recentness. Images purchased and delivered to the SpyMeSat app are high resolution JPEG images between 1MB and 6MB. Once an image is downloaded to SpyMeSat, the image may be sent as email attachments or posted on popular social media sites. Users are advised to adhere to licensing restrictions posted within the app.

New Tasking with “the world’s longest selfie stick”

SpyMeSat users can now order new images from an orbiting high resolution commercial imaging satellite !!! Tasking requests from SpyMeSat are sent to the EROS-B satellite operated by ImageSat International. With 70cm black & white resolution, EROS-B is one of the highest resolution commercial imaging satellites in the world. A low resolution JPEG is delivered to the SpyMeSat app, while an email sent to the customer provides links to download larger high resolution JPEG and TIFF formats, including georeferencing data. New tasking prices start at $500.

New tasking is great for industrial and government uses as well as for real estate, construction, and even for taking an image of your group or sports team from space.

Custom solutions – Your Archive, Your Satellites, Your branding

Custom solutions for SpyMeSat can be created for any constellation of satellites. A custom SpyMeSat solution includes a dedicated server for use only by authorized custom versions of the SpyMeSat mobile app, and can support any constellation of satellites with customer-provided orbit data. Custom SpyMeSat solutions can also include the ability to browse and download archive imagery from any available archive and create new tasking requests from the mobile app for any available satellite.