STK Scheduler Online

STK Scheduler

STK Scheduler Online™ Viewer is a web application for the secure dissemination of schedules generated by STK Scheduler™ . Users login through a web page to explore details of available schedules in table, Gantt or 3D animation views. A wiki-like interface allows you to drill down for more detailed information on scheduled tasks and resources.

STK Animation

Once a schedule solution has been loaded, STK Scheduler Online has the ability to show the associated STK scenario within STK’s visualization environment, providing unparalleled situational awareness.

Tasks and Resources

Tasks and resources can be viewed in a table list that displays high level information. There is no limit to the number of resources, tasks, or schedules that can be supported by STK Scheduler Online™.

Drill Down for more Details

The user just selects a task or resource from the list to see detailed information.

STK Scheduler provides flexible resource modeling, configurable constraint implementation, and task definition for any type of space system scheduling challenge. Complex satellite system scheduling problems can be defined in minutes and solved in seconds using STK Scheduler. These schedules can now be shared via STK Scheduler Online Viewer. STK Scheduler Online administrators can define and maintain authorized user lists to control access to schedules. Administrators can also customize STK Scheduler Online pages with program-specific news, images, and announcements.

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