UAV Planner


UAV Planner™, is an advanced planning and scheduling application that provides automated route planning and sensor tasking for unmanned aerial vehicles. UAV Planner allows operators, designers and engineers to model their UAV systems and perform operational scheduling and analysis - right out of the box.


The Orbit Logic UAV Planner is based on proven satellite Collection Planning Software from Orbit Logic The major features of UAV Planner™ include:

  • Target/Task Order Definition and Management
  • Aircraft and Sensor Configuration and Management
  • Multiple Aircraft Sortie Management and Planning
  • Automated Flight/Route Planning
  • Automated Image Collection Planning
  • Aircraft Model Plug In
  • Configurable 2D and 3D maps using Google Earth™ and STK for visualization, analysis and reports
  • Manual Planning Options
  • In-flight retasking

Key Features

Resource Definition and Management

  • UAV Planner allows recon aircraft to be added to the system
  • Define parameters including imaging capabilities
  • Specify associated aircraft object
  • Define unavailability (blackout) times

Task Order Definition and Management

  • Accept task orders via XML message interface
  • Task Order Database with fulfillment tracking
  • Create task order and edit existing task orders via GUI
  • Interactive map options for area of interest definition

Automated Planning

  • UAV Planner will automatically plan the flight path and collection schedule for an aircraft sortie within aircraft capabilities and to maximize the value of collected imagery
  • Multiple algorithms will compete to optimize the returned plan

Aircraft Model Plug In

  • UAV Planner™ planning algorithms will have the ability to interact with aircraft models through a plug-in, such as the STK Aircraft Mission Modeler*, in much the same way that they interact today with satellite attitude slew models in Orbit Logic satellite collection planning software.
  • A plug-in aircraft model will determine the flight path during candidate imaging events based on UAV Planner specified start, end, and rate requirements
  • Our software (coupled with a plug-in aircraft model) will determine the flight path between candidate imaging events based on image event start and end states provided by UAV Planner™

Interactive 2D and 3D maps and plan animation through integration with Google Earth™ and STK™

  • UAV Planner will use STK™ and or Google Earth Pro™ to display maps and animation driven by plan data using a process proven in satellite planning systems from Orbit Logic

Manual Planning and Analysis

  • UAV Planner will support manual planning using the ops concept and methods proven in Orbit Logic' s deployed satellite collection planning software
  • GUI allows an operator to influence automated planning algorithms or make changes to plans manually, or define a plan from scratch manually
  • The software assists the operator by providing default collection parameters for each image, and by applying constraint models to notify the operator when a system or mission constraint has been violated
  • A plug-in aircraft model determines the flight path during candidate imaging events based on UAV Planner specified imaging requirements

In-Flight Re-Tasking

  • If an aircraft resource in UAV Planner is defined as enabled for in-flight re-tasking, the operator will be allowed to re-plan an ongoing sortie (starting from current time plus a defined buffer forward)
  • Algorithms will optimize plan from current time forward using the latest order database (which may include changes since the original plan was generated)
  • Attempting to forward a new/modified plan that contains changes prior to current time plus configurable buffer will be blocked by the software

Fleet View

  • UAV Planner™ has the option to view multiple planned UAV Sorties/aircraft at the same time. Allows for better situational awareness and resource planning.

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UAV Planner Fleet View

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